Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First One #1

My First

So while this may not be my first try at a blog, it is however my first time on I wrote a few posts here and there on other blogging sites but I either lost interest or forgot my password. I am still learning the ropes of how to blog and I am sure I will have a few embarrassing moments in order to learn how to properly blog although I do not believe there is a ''proper'' method.

Who am I?

Just a curious mind almost to the point of being a busybody sums it up I suppose. I like being involved in whatever is happening. I am a socializing hound. Every opportunity I get, I talk to whoever I get the chance to talk to and I am always full of questions. If you ask my friends, they would probably warn you to stay away from me because I talk like there is no tomorrow. I am interested in social issues and activities.

I am very much interested in travelling. I suppose that is one of the reason why I came all the way to Morocco from Fiji. The second would be the love of language and culture. I am a bookworm and an internet freak (meaning I am addicted to Facebook).

But... Who am I?

I am Abdul Mufeez Shaheed 22 years young. I am of Indian origins but was born and raised in Fiji and am a proud Fijian (hence the name FIndian- Fiji Indian). I currently study Medicine in Morocco; Rabat to be precise. I love to learn languages. I already speak Hindi, Urdu, English and French and I am learning the Moroccan Darija (the Moroccan Arabic Dialect) and recently started self-teaching myself German (in love with it- for now).

I joined a few associations in Rabat to keep myself busy and to learn and make new friends.

Why the Blog?

Why not? I have so much to say and while not everything I say may makes sense, somewhere, someone might enjoy my gibberish. Even if my posts give someone a minute of genuine laughter, I would consider my blog a success.

What Now?

Wait I suppose. The next thing which interests me will be posted here on this blog.

Have a good week.



  1. the picture sums it all up! nice to read from you and hopefully will keep readimg bout you!

    1. ahahah yes the picture... I had to think if I should post it or not but then I needed people to smile at least after reading :D :P
      Thanks man!!!

  2. Hahahahaha ! Keep it up mon père =P

  3. Nice Mufeez.. keep up with ur great work

  4. Baby you look awesome just like the way you are